Who we are


Counselling Matters Bexley are a group of counsellors who are committed to making counselling available to as many people as possible in the London Borough of Bexley and surrounding areas.


We believe that counselling has massive potential to change lives for the better,  

however we recognise that many people are either unable to pay for private counselling or cannot access free counselling due to service cutbacks.


We therefore offer counselling which is entirely professional but is also LOW COST.

Take a browse through our website to find out more about our services.

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News and Events

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"I started my (first ever) counselling sessions with my counsellor whilst feeling quite down. With their support, they have made me value myself more as a person, helped me to build my self-confidence and supported me through a really hard time in my life.  I can't thank my counsellor enough for how much they have helped me."

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June Special Offer

We are offering Rewind Trauma Therapy from £25 (usually starting at £35). Rewind has a 80-90% success rate in alleviating symptoms of PTSD. 

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0800 047 2600