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Why is looking after the mental health of employees so important?

Employees are facing a range of challenges in the wake of Covid-19 and the current economic climate this has unfortunately impacted dramatically on their mental health. Looking after your employees mental health is important now more than ever.

Research has shown that employees are driven by their psychological wellbeing and that it is the main motivator for positive engagement in work.


If an organisation looks after the wellbeing of their employees, staff are likely to be more motivated and focused, therefore performing better.


Research has also shown that organisations with good wellbeing programmes out-perform their market competitors and are likely to be more successful. Looking after the wellbeing of your employees can therefore be a financial investment for your company as well as vital for the health of your staff.


How Counselling Matters can help support your employees.

We provide a selection of wellbeing workshops and individual sessions which can be delivered remotely or in house. Please see details below of some of our fantastic value workshops.

Anxiety Management Workshop

This is our introductory workshop. It starts with a discussion about what anxiety is and explores various ways it can affect the mind and body. There will also be a brief discussion of the different forms of anxiety and how they may be affecting work and everyday life. This will follow on to looking at self-care and providing attendees with some simple techniques to help reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve wellbeing. This workshop is only 1 hour long so does not have to take too much time out of the working day. All attendees will also be provided with a booklet containing simple anxiety management techniques to keep and utilise when needed.


Sessions start from £130 for up to 8 attendees.

Bespoke Packages

Some other examples of workshops we offer are:

  • Conflict management

  • Assertiveness training

  • Stress management

  • Mental health awareness training.

  • Domestic abuse awareness


All packages can be tailored to your organisation’s individual needs.

Mindfulness Workshops

These sessions are designed to teach attendees to be more aware of the present moment through using various meditative and breathing techniques. Attendees are taught to be more aware of their thoughts, behaviours, and emotions so that they can manage them better and not become overwhelmed by them. Depending on budget, we can provide a one-off introduction session to mindfulness and some basic techniques or we can put together a package of 3-6 sessions to include a more in-depth exploration of mindfulness. Attendees will be given weekly homework to carry out, putting techniques into



Sessions are charged at £20 per head for between 4-8 attendees.

Individual Sessions

If any staff members feel that

they need further support following the workshops or feel uncomfortable in group sessions, then we can offer individual sessions. These

will follow a cognitive behavioural model for therapy (CBT) and will be personalised according to the individual’s needs. Individuals are encouraged to explore the root cause of their issues and are given tools to be able to deal with any maladaptive thoughts, behaviours, and emotions.

To discuss any of our packages or to book a workshop for your business please contact our Counselling Manager Sarah Skinner:

Phone: 07735757407                            Email:

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