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We are a registered charity which provides free/ low cost counselling to people who can't afford private counselling. During the present crisis people are more in need of counselling than ever so we are providing phone and video sessions for our clients. Help us to continue this valuable work.

You can help us to raise much needed funds in lots of different ways.



Unlike other fundraising platforms, is a charity itself and is committed to helping charities raise money without creaming off some sort of commission. Please consider making a donation using the button below. 


Just Giving

You can donate to us through the Just Giving platform


Bexley Community Lottery

You can buy a weekly ticket for just £1 a week, this gives you a chance up to  while at the same time supporting Counselling Matters Bexley and other good causes in the borough. Out of each £1 ticket 50p goes directly to Counselling Matters Bexley, 10p goes to other good causes and 40p is spent on prize money and administrative costs.

Community Fund

We've been lucky enough to receive funding from the National Lottery. A big thank you to the players of the National Lottery who have made this possible.

Fundraising events

We organise fundraising events from time to time, in 2018 we held a very successful Belvedere Fun Day in partnership with other local charities, we also held our own very enjoyable quiz night. If you would like to get involved in fundraising in any way please contact Liz Hann and share your ideas with us.